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What Happened Last Week?

First off, I want to apologize for how sporadic my posts have been. As I have always said, it is extremely hard to keep up with a blog or writing in general while you are working fulltime. You’re physically, mentally and emotionally drained and it’s hard to stick to a writing schedule when all youContinue reading “What Happened Last Week?”

Sunskaald Book Review

What is it About? Kina is the daughter of King Robert Rillian, head of one of the most powerful kingdoms in the Empire, and next in line to the throne. Prak is the last surviving member of the ancient Srak dragons, who once conquered and ruled over all lands using their ability to disguise themselvesContinue reading “Sunskaald Book Review”

Hunting Daybreak

What is it about? In the aftermath of a global solar flare that has decimated the human population and wreaked havoc on the world’s power grid, Dr. Riley Poole embarks on a treacherous 1,500-mile journey to learn the fate of her two youngest children. After making the heart-wrenching choice to leave her injured teenage daughter,Continue reading “Hunting Daybreak”

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