Hello all! I hope you all are okay during these trying times. At the time of this post, many of us are still in quarantine, there is civil unrest due to police brutality, systemic racism, and military cover ups. Twenty-twenty has been awful so far, and we are hoping to end the year on a high note or for it to end and move on to better things. Maybe next year will be our year. I’m hoping to make things better for myself and others through the creation of this website – at the very least, an enjoyable escape. I would like to take you guys on my writing journey and explore different methods of publishing.

Here on Writers Block, you will be able to read my blog posts and updates on my projects. I will also be posting book reviews, current events, any other (nerdy) things. In the future, I plan to add a page where I will publish my stories chapter by chapter on a weekly basis. I’m still figuring it out and will speak more in depth on it in another post. I will keep you guys updated on this page as well.

All of this is to say, welcome to Writers Block!

Published by Meagan Rose Cortez

Caring preschool teacher by day, crazy writer at night. I'm an aspiring author with ambitions wilder than my characters. I like to read, write and watch movies. I particularly like Shephan King and J.R.R. Tolkien. I'm also very fascinated by Psychology and Forensics. If you're into fun, creepy, crime puzzle fantasies, then I'm your girl!

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