Meet The Characters: Milagros and Estebán

In my last post, I announced my new project called Beneath the Willow Tree, which is a Cinderella retelling with werewolves, fae, and most importantly a Latino cast. Today I am providing two character descriptions from said project. I used Art Breeder to create the pictures for all of the characters from Beneath the Willow Tree.

Name: Milagros Fuentes-Morales

Function in the text: Main Female Lead

Main Desires: To be loved and accepted by her stepfamily.

Age, Height, Weight: 18 years old, 5 foot 4 inches, 118 lbs

Appearance: Long wavy brown hair, Chocolate brown eyes, Caramel colored skin, curvy petite

Job: Servant

History: Mother died when she was two, father died when she was eight. Kept as a servant since she was eight or nine.

Name: Estebán Castillo

Function in the text: Main Male Lead

Main Desires: To be taken seriously by his parents, to be heard, to be in control of his own life (i.e. who he marries) and to take on some responsibilities as the future king.

Age, Height, Weight: 22 yrs old, 6ft, 179 lbs

Appearance: Curly jet black hair, tanned brown skin, deep brown eyes

Job: Crowned Prince of Arechavaleta (werewolf kingdom)

History: Grew up in a loving two parent household. Lead a life with many privileges that he took for granted. Betrothed to Atabey Elian since he was 10 years old. They never really got along.

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