Avatar The Last Airbender Study and Blog Series Announcement

At this point, I expect almost everyone to know what this series is about. Avatar The Last Airbender has been a popular show on Nickelodeon since it’s aired. Now that it’s on Netflix, I expect that even more people have discovered and enjoyed it. If you have not yet seen it, then I suggest that you go watch it. It may seem like a kid show, but it does deal with mature topics like war, genocide, loss, identity, abuse, etc. For a show intended for children; it does deal with some heavy topics. Don’t get me wrong, kids can and should still watch it. You’ll be amazed by how well this show handles these topics in ways that kids can understand.

Follows a three act structure

  • Has three seasons that are like Acts. Season one is the setup, season two is the resolution, and season three is the resolution.
  • Each season ends with the stakes risen.
  • Has great subplots that contribute to the overall story.
  • The world building was great and not too info dumpy.
  • The characters went through changes throughout the series. No one was they same as they were in season one. Example: Katara was very hopeful, happy and compassionate in season one. In season three she still was somewhat hopeful and compassionate, but she was also more confident and a little less naïve. Her heart was hardened a little and her sense of right and wrong (killing the man who murdered her mother) was tested.
  • The series had a Harry Potter feel to it in the sense that the content grew with the audience. The first season started the series off on lighter feel, but as it goes on the content matures a bit.

I’m sorry if this post seems a bit short, I thought I’d have more to talk about when it came to this series using the three act structure. I want to make this into a series of posts about different aspects of Avatar The Last Airbender. There is so much more to talk about when it comes to this series that one post just won’t do it justice. I expect to make at least three or more studies on this show talking about character development, world building, heavy topics, etc. These studies may be posted on a weekly or monthly basis. I’m expecting to start working a day job again soon, which may affect how often I’m able to post. I’ll keep you guys updated.

All of this is to say, expect more studies on Avatar The Last Airbender in the future. Are you excited? Because I know I am!

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