Sunskaald Book Review

What is it About?

Kina is the daughter of King Robert Rillian, head of one of the most powerful kingdoms in the Empire, and next in line to the throne. Prak is the last surviving member of the ancient Srak dragons, who once conquered and ruled over all lands using their ability to disguise themselves as humans. After Kina and her bodyguard Quinn run into Prak, danger is not far behind. A bandit attack forces Prak to fill Quinn’s role or else be reported to the Emperor’s Inquisitors, an organization whose sole purpose is to hunt down dragons, magic, and the like, by Kina’s father. After a fateful trip to a neighboring kingdom, rebellion and magic erupt as a force seeks to destroy the Rillians. A group that once tried to assassinate Kina appears suddenly, giving Prak no choice but to take his dragon form to protect her. Prak, Kina, and Quinn must battle this old enemy, more powerful than ever before, while simultaneously avoiding the Inquisitors’ prying eyes. Unforeseen revelations escalate the battle into an all-out war, while all the while a dark evil lurks in the background. Join Prak and Kina as they battle to save their home…and the world.

My Thoughts

What I liked …

  • Dragons! I cannot get enough dragons in fantasy, especially when the author has a different take on it.
  • Teens act like teens. Many authors write teenage characters as if their writing a PSA from the nineties or worse, an afternoon special! I sensed none of that in Sunskaald. All of the characters for the most part acted their age.
  • It was a great introduction into the series.

My gripes…

  • Kind of insta-lovey. Even though teens do feel things more intensely, I really wish that Prak and Kina would have had more time to get to know each other before becoming a couple.
  • On top of being insta-lovey, I didn’t feel enough chemistry between Prak and Kina. They were attracted to each other yes, but attraction does not chemistry make. Maybe they were just awkward teenagers? They’re cute together though, just want Scott Pike to amp up the chemistry for these two.
  • Prak was too strong. When reading about a character who is finding out more about their self, I want to see them struggle. Not because I am a sadist, but because the character – much like people in real life- grows when they learn. Prak was too good while training with the guards and with very little explanation as to why other than dragon reflexes. Maybe we’ll get to see him struggle in the second book, which will be interesting to see.

Hopes for the next book…

  • I want to more insight on Praks’ life in the woods.
  • I want to see how Prak and Kina’s relationship progresses.
  • I want to learn more about Prak’s family.

(This section was very hard to write without giving any spoilers!)

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