Solar Fury Book Review

What is it about? SOLAR FURY is Book I in the thrilling post-apocalyptic survival trilogy SHATTERED SUNLIGHT! Navigating life is no picnic for young widowed surgeon, Riley Poole, so when a global solar flare strikes – destroying the power grid and stranding her in Washington, D.C. with her teenage daughter – it will take nearContinue reading “Solar Fury Book Review”

Judenrein Book Review by Meagan Cortez

Summary Zack Gurevitz has had a checkered past. A Yeshiva boy, turned Green Beret, turned junkie, excommunicated by his one-time faith and now the potential savior of people he doesn’t even like. As a white supremacist movement stealthily takes the reins of power in America, it is again the Jews who are made out asContinue reading “Judenrein Book Review by Meagan Cortez”

See you next year!

Hello all! I just wanted to let you know that I will not be posting until after New Years. I will be taking this opportunity to spend time with family and tackle things that I’ve been slacking on – like the darn book! I underestimated how difficult it would be to juggle a fulltime job,Continue reading “See you next year!”

Soul Crystals ARC of the Amuli Review by Meagan Rose Cortez

Hey all! Here is the review that I wrote for Soul Crystals ARC of the Amuli. I included a summery for this post, however this will not be in my Reedsy Discovery review since they provide a summery above it. Go check it out through the link provided below. Now let’s get on with theContinue reading “Soul Crystals ARC of the Amuli Review by Meagan Rose Cortez”

Gifts for Book lovers

Seasons greetings friends!(She says in her teacher voice). Hope that you all are doing well! I’m sorry that this is coming to you late but as promised, here are some gift ideas for your book loving friends. Gift Cards If your bookloving friend has a ton of books, chances are you don’t even know whatContinue reading “Gifts for Book lovers”

Avatar The Last Airbender Study: Zuko and Ozai(Toxic Relationships Part Two)

It’s well known that Fire Lord Ozai isn’t winning “Dad of the Year” in the Avatar the Last Airbender universe, or any other universe. He is extremely controlling, manipulative and abusive. All of his relationships are based on how much influence he has on someone and if they make him look stronger or weaker. AnyoneContinue reading “Avatar The Last Airbender Study: Zuko and Ozai(Toxic Relationships Part Two)”


I have an announcement to make! No, I am not going on yet another hiatus. I am now a reviewer for Reedsy Discovery! What Is Reedsy Discovery? Reedsy Discovery is a website where indie authors can advertise the launch of their books. They give downloadable advanced reviewer copies so that one reviewer can read itContinue reading “Announcement”

I’m Back!

My Apologies Hello all! I’m sorry for my unannounced hiatus. I started my new job last month, and it was hectic. I’m getting back into the swing of having a fulltime job and balancing this blog, so please be patient with me. I will still try to post three times a week; these posts willContinue reading “I’m Back!”

Spooky Season Suggestions: Tim Burton’s Animated Movies

The air is crisp and Halloween is next week. If you’re like me and are planning to stay home and watch some movies, here are some suggestions for you. Nightmare Before Christmas The film follows the misadventures of Jack Skellington, Halloweentown’s beloved pumpkin king, who has become bored with the same annual routine of frighteningContinue reading “Spooky Season Suggestions: Tim Burton’s Animated Movies”